Awesome BMW’s from the 90’s

The automotive industry blossomed in the 90’s leading to the manufacture of some awesome BMW’s. Fast forward to today, these classic cars are enjoying renewed life and as a result, they have shot up in value by more than five times. Because they are beautiful in every way, their value is also likely to go up in future. This is great news for owners of these cars and anyone looking for a unique investment right now.    Without further ado, BMW Repair San Antonio brings you the top awesome BMW’s from the 90’s.

1991 BMW M5

The 1991 BMW M5 is the supercar that the manufacturer claimed was the world’s fastest four-door car. Just like the original 1988 M5 model, this model was hand-built. It features a basic chassis architecture and 3.5-liter engine.

The 1999 BMW M Coupe

The 1999 BMW M Coupe still remains an iconic car on the road. Compared to BMW’s previous model, the 1999 version featured an increased structural and torsional rigidity. The car featured either a hatchback or coupe body type. Other features of this version include 2 wheel rear drive, 6-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission.

BMW E30 M3

BMW E30 M3 only available in convertible and coupe body styles. The car used the company’s S14 inline-4 engine which produced a total of 158 kW; 212 hp power. Other features included thinner rear and side window glass, larger wheels, additional rear spoiler, a deeper front splitter and a lighter bootlid.

BMW Alpina B7

This is the earliest of the E12-based Alpina cars. The exteriors featured a well manicured badges, stripes and spoilers. The car’s interior section featured Alpina steering wheel, Alpina shift knob, Alpina gauges, dash gauge pod, and cloth Scheel bucket seats. When it comes to performance, the BMW Alpina B7 used a turbocharged engine which offered more power like the modern models.

BMW E26 M1

BMW E26 M1 is still considered one of the greatest cars the company has ever made. The car was originally developed by BMW in partnership with Lamborghini. When the agreement between these two automotive companies fell apart, BMW decided to go alone by redesigning the BMW E26 M1.

BMW E38 750i

Another classic car you might want to invest your money on is the BMW E38 750i. This 3rd generation of the BMW 7 Series was designed and manufactured from April 1994. The car was much more competitive in 1990’s as far as the luxury sedans were concerned.

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