Car Restoration Tips For Car with Body Rust

Aside from maintaining the functionality of your vehicle, it is important you also take care of the body as well. Whether you are restoring back an older automobile, or simply want to keep your vehicle longer, rust can prove to be an unsolicited and detrimental problem. Keeping rust away from a vehicle is particularly important for those of us residing in heavy ice and snow areas. Salt utilized in cleaning off the ice and snow can have damaging effects on the paint, resulting in the formation of rust.

If you spot traces of rust on your car, it is important you first establish whether it is a problem you can solve yourself or one that needs professional help. This decision is dependent on the extent of the damage and the type of results you anticipate to ultimately achieve with it. If the rust is minimal, you need not consult a professional. By following these simple rules, Automotive Super Center know that you can successfully restore your vehicle to its former state.

#1 Remove the Rust

The initial and most obvious step you should take is to get rid of the rust of course! Use standard 100-grit sandpaper on a sanding disc. Move slowly so as to avoid damaging the metal underneath. Nonetheless, sand a little deeper than the particular rust region to create a smooth rust free area.

#2 Sand the Rust Area

Once you completely remove the rust, upgrade to standard 150-grit sandpaper. Rather than employing the sanding disc, use your hand. Once you are done, use a simple tack cloth to ascertain that the metal is clean.

#3 Prepare then Primer

Use newspapers and masking tape to cover the area around the sanded part. You can use a self-etching primer. Apply multiple coats and ensure that you wait approximately 10 minutes between every light application of the primer. After you have applied the fourth primer coat, allow it to dry 24 hours before proceeding with the paint.

#4 Paint the Vehicle

Using the wrong paint can be catastrophic to your vehicle. As such, be sure to consult with an accredited auto body paint shop to help you match the paint accordingly. With the right paint, proceed to apply multiple coats (multiple light coats offer your car a better look than a single thick one). After your final coat (maybe the sixth), allow the paint to dry about 12 hours prior to removing the newspaper and masking tape cover.

#5 Washing

Washing the vehicle is the final tip. However, wait 48 hours before doing it. You can use a mild soap while at it, particularly after the initial wash. Apply a light wax coat all over the car and although this process may not necessarily come off as professional, it will nonetheless help against the spread of rust and is an easy and quick fix. Where the frame is damaged by rust, you need to consult a professional.