How To Drive Eco Friendly

While modern civilization still uses the car and the global economy continues to be sluggish, many drivers are trying to find ways to cut costs while maintaining good gas mileage. Here are some tips for accomplishing that goal.

Avoid Excessive Use of Brakes – Use your Brakes! That being said, using brakes excessively can increase the cost of driving because whenever the breaks are used to slow down temporarily, the gas pedal must be used to speed back up to the desired velocity. This means that more gas must be used since gas is used every time you step on the gas pedal.

One suggestion is to maintain a distance of approximately 100 meters from the car in front of you, this will require you to break less in order to adjust to the speed of the vehicle in front of you. It will also help you avoid re-ending them which is always nice.

Make sure your tires are fully inflated Semi-deflated tires will require more power from the engine to be turned in order to accelerate. This will result in more gas which will result in higher gas costs. For this reason it is important regularly check on your tire to reduce costs increase gas mileage.

Clean the Fuel Injector

It is important to clean the fuel injector at least every six months since, although the engine may still operate, it will do so at greatly reduced efficiency. Fuel injector cleaners just need to be used periodically to clean out any dirt or other contaminants and that should help increase your car’s efficiency and thus its mileage.

Get regular Oil Changes

Oil lubricates parts moving parts of the engine to reduce friction and thus engine heat. But over time, the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant since it breaks down chemically. This will cause the car to work less efficiently and produce more heat which will decrease the mileage possible for the car. Thus regularly changing the oil can help the car run better for a longer period of time thus saving money on future repairs and gas. would be more than happy to help you with any of these regular automotive needs.  Drop by or give us a call.

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