What Type Of Schedule Maintenance Does Your “Retro Ride” Need?

Getting scheduled maintenance for your retro ride on time will help you keep your it in good condition for a long time. This will also make sure that your retro ride will not undergo major repairs since it is properly maintained by a good mechanic.

You have to understand that repairs cost more than preventive maintenance. That’s why you should never neglect your maintenance schedules if you can.  In maintaining your retro ride, it does not automatically mean that you should go to your trusted mechanic and let them do your scheduled maintenance. There are many components in your retro ride that can you can maintain on your own.

What you can do yourself

Changing your oil, oil filter and air filter are some of the most common preventive maintenance measures that you can do on your own. This can also save you money since you don’t need to pay your mechanic to do these things for you.

You also need to make sure that your tires are inflated properly so that you can drive safely on any road. This will also make your car more fuel efficient.

Inspecting your brake caps and brake fluid must also be done on a regular basis. Your brakes are your lifesaver especially during road accidents so never neglect to check these things before you drive your retro ride.

Another thing that can make your retro ride last for a very long time is regular washes. This will ensure you that it is free from unwanted dirt and at the same time helps keep your retro ride looking good.

Take it to your Mechanic

Bringing your retro ride to a reputable mechanic is still very important since there are certain components in your retro ride that only skilled professionals can handle well. Having your scheduled maintenance service done on time will help your car perform well and will lessen the problems that you might encounter on the road.

Aside from getting overall maintenance from your mechanic, you can also schedule factory maintenance from your retro ride manufacturer. This will keep it running in good condition. They can also spot parts that need repair work and further damage that might end up costing you more in the future.

Spark Plugs

There are many things your mechanics and manufacturer can do in order to make sure your retro ride is in its best condition. One of the most common tune-ups that they can do in your retro ride is replacing its spark plugs. Spark plugs are very important in making sure that your engine is running well since they provide the much-needed combustion in order for it to run. A dirty spark plug can create engine misfires, rough idles, and starting problems.

Cooling System

Cleaning your retro ride’s cooling system can also improve its overall performance. A working cooling system can extend the life of your heater, radiator, and engine in the long run so don’t forget to clean these at least once every 2 years.